​Our expert Maintenance team are available all year to attend to your problems. promptly and competently! Our backup support service is the best in the Business!

Our Services

/ Water Heater Repair & Installation

/ Geyser Repair & Installation
/ Bathroom renovation
/ Kitchen Renovation
/ Water meters
/ Geyserwise Controllers
/ Water Piping Repair & Installation
/ Water Leaks repair
/ Troubleshooting leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets, faucets, bath tubs, sewer pipes
/ Repair/Replace/Install Plumbing

/ Fixtures

/ Solar Geyser Installation & repair

/ Heatpump Installation & repair
/ New House construction plumbing
/ Pressure Control Valves
/ Maintenance Specialists
/ Blocked Drain
/ Sewerage pipe repair & replacement
/ Leaking tap repairs & installation
/ Troubleshooting specialists in plumbing maintenance
/ Turnkey Service

/ Trusted staff

Qualified Plumbers

PIRB Registered

IOPSA Registered

​Our expert Maintenance team are available to attend to your problems. promptly and competently! By being Maintenance Specialists makes us the best qualified to be the ones you choose to do the plumbing in your new house as we are able to provide a maintenance free installation. This gives you the peace of mind that you wont have problems and can enjoy your new house. We understand maintenance and strive to reduce this cost to the homeowner making the cost of living far less than any competing plumber.

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